The Importance Of Isolated Places

The Importance Of Isolated Places

When we think of where in the world we will be the happiest. We often come up with the idea of a highly developed city with all the facilities. A great shopping center, a crowded bar, city streets filled with people carrying happy faces, a cozy house with a nice family always by our side.

But defining a normal happy life in these terms often misses out what those isolated places, with little to no population, no architectural development have to offer. But those who have experienced it can relate that these places often have a pull a force that draws us towards them.
Let us see what these isolated places have to offer that our Crowded cities can not.

1. These places connect us with nature.

The open road under a boundless sky with a million stars. The forest with all those long pine trees.The mountains where clouds are underneath you. The river flowing in that isolated valley with water sound gushing into your ears. This part of nature that we often find missing in the cities is what draws us to these isolated places.

2. These places help us to connect with ourselves.

These lonely isolated places help us to connect with a part of ourselves that which we have lost in our daily lives. On our commutes and daily routines, the chatter around us occupies us completely and we forget to spend time with ourselves, losing our true identity.

3. These places make us realize what matters and what does not.

We can have internal conversations that are not possible in the chatter of our lives in the cities. Leaving aside all those regrets, plans, worries, and excitements and zoom out from our lives.

We can get a bigger and better picture, completely changing our perspective signifying to us what matters and what does not.

4. These places help us feel our true emotions.

The emptiness all around is a relief from the false comforts we have at our home. We do not have to fake our emotions any longer. If we are sad we can gloom and we say nature glooming with us too.
If we are in a blissful and joyful state we can see natural surroundings making us even more joyful.

5. Here we can understand what ‘ Human Connection ‘ Really Means

The fellow persons we meet at such places can connect with us more than we would have ever thought. They, in fact, understand our craving for a true connection that we are unable to find in our every day so-called ‘ Social Life ‘.

6. Shifts our Perspective to more Universal Level

We are living a very narrow life only interested in ourselves and our lives. Often failing to recognize how we all are connected and do not need to compete with each other. We can learn to act and imagine forgetting our own self-interests.
Those small wooden huts with rustic charm standing on top of the mountain have a magnetic appeal that only a few of us can understand. That barren dessert with chilly wind blowing has the power to shift our perspective to an entirely universal Level.

While too much isolation is not healthy for us as being social animals we crave human connection. But the need for alone time can also not be denied. The need for connecting with nature cannot be denied. Its a basic ingredient of living a blissful Life.

Understanding yourself is the first step of Understanding others. Once we get to know ourselves, our minds. We can understand any other human on this planet as we all are basically the same.

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