The Mindset that can make you a Great Content Writer.

The Mindset that can make you a Great Content Writer.

So you want to be a great content writer, learn content marketing and be having your website ranking among the top websites on Google. You don’t know where to start what to choose and how to learn so that you can generate a passive income, get great gigs from leading content websites and earn money independently while working on a Beach.

The following are the points you can start working on to make an impact in this large world of Content Marketing.

  1. Do not try to be The Jack of all Trades but Master of None.

There are no second thoughts about it selecting a niche is the first step there are a lot of niches that you can choose from but the first step is identifying what you are interested in , what you are eager to learn about and can write on and on without even seeing results , without even getting paid. Getting in this passionate frame of mind is very important as you cannot be an expert in every field. You may like to think that companies will only like hiring someone who is an expert in all fields, but the reality of this matter is completely opposite. Companies will offer you more money for Quality content in any one topic than poor content in more number of fields.

  1. Forget the ‘Hire Me’ Mindset and Adopt a Problem Solving mindset.

You need to see yourself as Business owner. Your writing services can solve your clients need. You need to see their problem understand it, and deliver your articles according to their need. What problem is this Business Facing and how can I help them? This is the mindset you need to adopt in order to deliver Quality Content and make great money from your writings.

For Example, you are a travel writer and you see a company that does not have any blog to their name and they can’t understand how it can be crucial for their travel company. You can help promoting the places they sell the most by building an audience on their blog.

  1. The ‘Time and Energy’ Investment.

Online Content publishing is a large ocean and you are a new fish in it. You do not need to compare yourself to the well established online marketers. They have worked so hard, invested time and energy into their work, spent months and years building their website and you will have to do the same. The more you write, the better you get, the number of hours you put in the more better you will get. Remember to be a great Player of your Game and forget the results.  You will soon see yourself at the same level where the experts are. Remember a lot of people give up after starting and not seeing the desired results and those who stay, go on to the next level.


  1. Procrastination is your Enemy and Taking action is Your Friend.

The more you delay your work, the more you wait for the perfect moment to start, the more excuses your mind will make up for you. It will give you more and more reasons why your article topic is not worth writing, how everyone is writing it, you can’t make it and so on. Sure, there are problems but you can overcome them while taking action and working on your project instead of waiting for the perfect moment.


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