Giving your Life a Correct Direction

Giving your Life a Correct Direction

You are a young individual with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but you don’t know what to do with all this energy. A majority of us feel confused and directionless in our life. Giving your life a correct direction is the most important decision of our life and most of us tend to ignore it. Think of yourself navigating through this life and not ever thinking where you want to go. Will you ever be able to reach your Destination? So is this not the most important part of your life that you give yourself a direction. Select a destination and then plan your life ahead.

We keep on talking about positive and negative thinking, but is it really a solution to keep thinking positive all the time? Will you not be crazy if you cannot think negatively in a situation where it is required? The correct way to think is to sit and realize that thinking correctly is of utmost importance. Having a deep clarity and understanding of your situation is what will open the correct doors for you in your life. Understanding this life is the solution for all your confusion.


  1. Question yourself what is the kind of work you really want to do in Life?

To begin with this life changing question, first of all you need to drop all your beliefs, all that you think you want to be, all that you were conditioned to become. You have to question this way, If Money is not a concern for me, if there is no one watching to praise me or criticize me, what is the kind of work that I will want to do in Life. This is the bitter truth, that today whatever your goals are and whatever you are doing is either due to money or because you want to prove something to someone. Take a break from life and stay with this question for at least a week, start writing down your thoughts, start writing down the things that interest you. But keep in mind Name, fame and Money should not be the center point of your answer.


  1. Question Yourself ‘Why’

Okay so you spent a lot of time, stayed with this question and long enough and you came up with something. Let’s Say you say that I want to be a ‘writer’. Now Question yourself why do you want to be a writer? Is it for the Name, fame or money? If these are your reasons to be a writer you are not going to go very far as these only come to the experts. But if your desire is to be a great writer no matter you earn or not than Welcome to the 1% Club. The road ahead is tough but highly rewarding. Ask yourself am I ready to bear all the Pain that will come while achieving the dream.

  1. Now fall in Love with the Pain.

You know where you have to invest all your energy in, you know why you are alive, this dream after so much questioning should be your core self speaking to you. All you have to now do is, master the work you have decided to do. While reaching from beginners’ stage to the expert stage, there will be a lot of practice involved, so there will be a lot of Physical and Mental pain. Now if you cannot bear this pain, you will give up, which will ultimately lead to that your Why was not clear. If it will be clear you will enjoy this pain also.

  1. The Secret to Mastery.

The only secret you need to know is that there is no secret at all. The only thing you have to know is you should have a burning desire to improve yourself everyday. The expert in your field is simply not an expert because of mere passion , he had put in the work , given intense number of hours in that field , practiced more and more , improved himself and his services every day . He has understood what it takes to be successful and has just worked toward achieving that expertise in his selected field. This is what you have to do to start living a life full of satisfaction and happiness. Reaching your highest potential is the ultimate purpose of human life.


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