Why Cycling is The Most Fun Way To Loose Weight.

Why Cycling is The Most Fun Way To Loose Weight.

How many times have you tried to loose weight and failed ? You promise yourself to keep up with that exercise routine and end up failing everytime. Well your brain can be blamed for that, it is constantly avoiding pain and Seeking pleasure, so all those activities that will be painful , your brain will give you excuses not to do it.

The only way you can trick your brain is by making your exercise routine interesting as soon as your brain sees the fun part involved in your plan , it will be motivated in doing it . There are numerous ways in which this can be done and the most fun way can be Cycling .

Cycling is a great form of cardio that will help you burn significant amount of calories, now with a slight tweak in your diet and a cycling routine you can easily shed off those extra pound and start looking great .

1. Cycling can be Highly Social Activity and You Can Make a Lot of Friends.

Cycling with friends can be fun , while you are on the route where there can be other cyclist also you can share your journey with them and make a lot of friends. When you are doing an activity with a partner you are more likely to be engaged and keep doing it for longer durations. Talking to your buddy in the morning while pedalling your way to fitness can be great. You can organize races other fun activities and trips with your new found cycling partners. So be sure to open uo when you get on the track.

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2. Cycling Will Take You on New Adventures.

Cycling can open up new roads for you . You can choose a new road everyday and go on a different route so Cycling will never be boring. You can embark on Far away journeys take long trips and expeditions, travel to new places ,meet new people ,in the most cheapest way . If you fall in Love with Mountain Biking , surely your life is going to turn into a Adventure.


3. It Teaches You to Stay in The Moment.

It will teach you to meditate , while you are on the road cycling with all your energy , you will find yourself fully in the moment. All your attention will be focused on those twist and sharp turns and all your life problems blur out while you are cycling . Cycling is the ultimate Stress Reliever you can discover .

4 . It is a Low Impact Sport. Less Chances of injury.

A Heavyweight person going to the gym can have severe chances of getting injured , instead cycling is a highly safe and low impact exercise that can be started by everyone and as you loose some weight you can move on to other forms of Exercise too.

5. Mixing Cycling with Music Is A Therapy.

For all the introverts who don’t like socializing too much , can put their headphones On and leave for a ride . You will find that music and cycling can be a therapy for your brain. While cycling and listening to your favorite tunes you can end up burning 500 Calories¬† in few hours. Cycling¬† has a great therapeutic value.

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Devoting 10 Hours a week to cycling can lead to 6000 Calories Burned. Imagine if you start enjoying these 10 Hours a week How easily can you shed off that extra weight.

Here are a few tips on Staring Your Weight Loss Journey using Cycling.

1. Start with 30 Minutes of Cycling per day and take it to 90 Minutes Per Day Gradually.

2. Be sure to change your route daily to keep it exciting .

3. Choose Music or Friends to make it into an Exciting Affair.

4. Stay Hydrated , drink a lot of water .

5. Balance your carbs and Protiens.

6. Just Remember to have fun.

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